Taking care of your hearing aids

Taking good care of your hearing aids can help extend their life and ensure they continue to perform well. Here are some useful tips.


  • Clean your hearing aids every day. Use a soft cloth, tissue or special hearing aid brush to wipe the outside. Never use alcohol or cleansers. They harm the internal components and circuitry.

  • Use a dehumidifier kit regularly to prevent moisture from entering the hearing aids and damaging the components. You may be able to purchase one from your hearing healthcare professional.

  • Use a wax loop or brush to remove ear wax and other debris. Never use a straight pin or other sharp object to clean wax from your hearing aids.

  • Replace behind-the-ear earmolds when they become dry, cracked, stiff or discoloured.

Batterie replacement

  • Store batteries in a dry, safe location away from children and pets.

  • Replace dead batteries immediately.

  • Always recycle or discard batteries carefully.

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