With the help of our specialists, you will have two choices to make: The style and the level of technology of your hearing aid.

The price will depend essentially on the technology you will choose rather than the style. The different technologies offer different sound quality as well as many options like directional microphones, noise reduction, wind noise management, feedback cancellation (whistling), automatic or manual telephone coils, etc. The specialist will inform you of the different styles and technologies available, according to your hearing loss and your needs.


Completely in the canal

  • Smallest custom-made hearing aid
  • Fits entirely into your ear canal
  • Cosmetic advantages


  • Slightly at the opening of your ear canal
  • Comfortable and easier to manipulate
  • More possible options (like volume control, directional microphone, etc.)


  • Fills half of your ear
  • Easy to manipulate
  • All options possible


  • Fills the bowl of the ear
  • All options possible
  • More powerful
  • Longer battery life

Behind the Ear

  • Aid worn on the ear with tube connecting to ear canal
  • Many colours available
  • Can be used for mild to profound hearing loss

Open style behind the Ear

  • Aid worn on the ear with fine tube connecting to ear canal
  • Smaller and more discreet compared to traditional behind the ear
  • Only available for specific hearing losses