Do I have a hearing loss?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may have a hearing problem. We recommend you book a free consultation with a hearing health professional to determine if this problem is temporary or permanent.

  • When you watch TV with other people, do you need to increase the volume louder than they would need in order to hear what is said?
  • Do you often ask people to repeat what they just told you?
  • Do you often feel that people mumble or don’t speak clearly?
  • Do you often find it difficult to hear a conversation when there is ambient noise or other people talking?
  • Have the people around you ever asked you if you had hearing problems?
  • Do you often misinterpret what is said during a conversation in a noisy place?
  • Do you often have trouble understanding what people say when you do not have eye contact with them?
  • Do you need to be seated close to the speaker at meetings or at the table to be able to understand what is being said?
  • Do you feel stressed or tired when you have to listen for long periods?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us for a hearing test.