Musician’s earplug

Designed to match the ear’s natural response
Avoid over-attenuating the high-pitch sounds compared to a regular earplug
Music and speech can still be heard clearly
Attenuation of 9, 15 or 25 decibels available

Custom earplug

Protects your ears against loud noises or against infections while swimming
Custom-made to create a perfect seal

Pillow speaker for tinnitus masker

Connects to your masker to create some sound stimulation while you sleep
Does not bother your significant other

Tiinitus masker

Produces either a white noise or different noise environments
Works with speakers or headset

Bed shaker

Connects to compatible systems, like fire alarms, alarm clocks, door announcers and/or movement detectors
Simply slides under your mattres and vibrates to wake you up

Alarm clock

Will wake you up using a powerful sonic alarm, a flashing light and/or a bed shaker

Door announcer

Will alert you if someone knocks on your door, or if it detects movement outside your door
Compatible with receiver or flashing light

Flashing fire alarm

Flashing light alerts you when smoke is detected

Wireless TV headset

Television headset
Allows you to adjust your own volume without affecting the television’s volume
Wireless: sound is transmitted by infra-red signal

Pocket-talker amplifier

Can be used on its own or combined with a hearing aid
Ideal for people who cannot deal with hearing aids
Portable microphone amplifies in the headset (included)